Jamestowne Society - First Texas Company: Welcome!


Houston is the home town of the First Texas Company. The fourth-largest city in the US in population, Houston is the second-largest city in square miles. A world center for the petroleum industry, the city also hosts the Johnson Space Center, the Astrodome and the Houston Rockets. Founded by A. C. and J. K. Allen in August 1836 as real estate speculation, Houston is the namesake of General Sam Houston who, after defeating Santa Ana in 1836, won the Republic of Texas its independence from Mexico. A few miles from downtown Houston, the San Jacinto Monument honors this accomplishment.

The First Texas Company is also home to an active Company of the Jamestowne Society. Far-removed from their Jamestowne roots, Company members nevertheless travel East to Richmond, Virginia, on crisp, clear Saturdays in November, and to Williamsburg/Jamestown, VA on warm, sunny days in May when the National Jamestowne Society gathers its full membership for meetings. While on Texas turf, First Texas Company has Company meetings, enjoys planning and executing new projects, and welcomes those who are interested in documenting their ancestry from one of the Jamestowne settlers, those courageous people who became the First Permanent English Settlers in America.

For more information on the First Texas Company, contact the Company Governor, Gina Chapman Bouchard, 2725 Essex Terrace, Houston, TX 77027.

For more information on joining the Jamestowne Society, visit the national website. The First Texas Company is requested to obtain its own domain name, and to develop its own site, providing interesting information on all of their local activities. We know you can do it!!!!