May 17, 2008 Meeting, Williamsburg

On May 17, 2008, Jamestowne Society members assembled at the Williamsburg Marriott for the Spring Meeting. Those in attendance were privileged to hear Dr. Douglas Owsley of the Smithsonian present a preview of the exhibit, "Written in Bone: Forensic Files of the 17th Century Chesapeake," which is scheduled to open in February 2009. If you were in attendance, you can revisit Dr. Owsley's fascinating talk by looking at the photos of the PowerPoint presentation. If you missed the meeting, the photos should interest you enough to possibly contribute to the exhibit financially and certainly to add it to your 2009 schedule for a visit!

Below you will find links to the "Written in Bone" presentation as well as links to photographs from the Governors' Roundtable which was held on Friday, May 16, and the Reception and Luncheon on May 17. The section on the May meeting was broken into various pages so the load time for photos will not be as great (be patient if you have dial-up). Two new companies were chartered at the Luncheon!

Click below to visit the various sections of photos from May 16 and 17, 2008:

"Written in Bone: Forensic Files of the 17th Century Chesapeake"

Smithsonian Brochure on "Written in Bone"

Governors' Roundtable on May 16

Membership Reception on May 17

Membership Luncheon on May 17

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