Qualifying Ancestors

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  Thruston, Malachi Waters, Edward Whitaker, Richard  
  Thruston, Malachy Waters, William Whitaker, Walter  
  Tiler, Richard Watkins, Henry Whitaker, William  
  Tonstall, Edward Watts, Matthew Whitby, William  
  Tooke, James Wattson, Abraham White, John  
  Townsend, Richard Wattson, John White, William  
  Townshend, Richard Waugh, John Whiting, Henry  
  Tracy, William Webb, Giles Whittbey, William  
  Trahorne, John Webb, Stephen Whittington, William  
  Travers, Raleigh Webb, Wingfeild Wickham, Rev. William  
  Travers, William Webster, Richard Wigg(s), William  
  Traverse, Samuel Webster, Roger Withers, John  
  Travis, Edward Weeks, Abrahamm Wood, Gen. Abraham  
  Travis, Edward Jr Weire, John Wood, Percivall  
  Travis, Rebecca Welbourne, Thomas Woodhouse, Henry  
  Tree, Richard Weld(e), Humphrey Woodhouse, Thomas  
  Trussell, John Weldon, Poynes Woodliffe, John  
  Tuckar/Tucker, William Wells, Richard Woodson, John  
  Tucker, Daniel West, Anthony Woodson, Sarah  
  Tuke, James West, Francis Woodward, Christopher  
  Turner, Charles West, John Woodward, Henery  
  Twine, John West, Thomas (Lord DeLaWarr) Wooldridge, William  
  Underwood, William Weston, Thomas Woory, Joseph  
  Upton, John Westropp, John Worleigh, George  
  Usher, James Wethereall, Robert Worleich, William  
  Utie, John Weynman, Sir Ferdinando Worlich, William  
  Vassall, John Wight, John Worloch, William  
  Wade, Armiger Wilcocks, John Wormeley, Christopher  
  Waidson, Thomas Wilcox, John Wormeley, Ralph  
  Waldoe, Richard Wild, Daniel Wormeley, Ralph II  
  Walker, John Wilford, Thomas Wyatt, Anthony  
  Walker, Peter Wilkins, John Wyatt, Sir Francis  
  Walker, Thomas Wilkinson, John Wyatt, Rev. Haute  
  Wallings, George Wilkinson, Thomas Wyatt, Nicholas  
  Walthall, Richard Wilkinson, William Wynn, Robert  
  Wareham, John Willcox, John Wynne, Peter  
  Warne, Thomas Williamson, James Wynne, Robert  
  Warner, Augustine I Williamson, Dr. Robert Wythe, Thomas  
  Warner, Augustine II Willis, Francis Yarly, Francis  
  Warner, Austin Willoughby, Thomas Yeardley, Argoll  
  Warren, John Wilson, James Yeardley, Sir George  
  Warren, Thomas Wilson, William Yeo, Hugh  
  Washbourne, John Windham, Edward Yeo, Lenard  
  Washer, Ensigne Wingate, Roger Yowell, Thomas Jr  
  Washington, John Wingfield, Capt. Edward Maria Zouch, John  
  Washington, Lawrence Whitaker, Jabez    

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