Qualifying Ancestors

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  Madison, Isaac Mountney, Alexander Peppet, Gilbert  
  Mainsfield, David Moyse, Theodore Percy, Capt. George  
  Mallett, James Neale, Christopher Perkins, William  
  Major, Edward Neale, John Perrott/Parrot, Richard Sr  
  Mansell, David Newce, Thomas Perry, Henry  
  Mansill, Daniel Newce, Sir William Perry, Peter  
  Marble, George Newell, David Perry, William  
  Marlott, Thomas Newell, Jonathan Pettus, Thomas  
  Marshall, Robert Newman, ________ Peyton, Valentine  
  Marshall, William Newman, Alexander Phipps, John  
  Martiau, Nicholas Newport, Christopher Pierce, Alice (Bennett)  
  Martin, John Nicholson, Col. Francis Pierce, William  
  Mason, Francis Nicholson, Sir Francis Piercey, Abraham  
  Mason, George Norsworthy, Tristram Pinkard, John  
  Mason, James Norton, John Pinke, William  
  Mason, Lemuel Norwood, Charles Pinkhorne, John  
  Mason, Thomas Norwood, Henry Pitt, Robert  
  Mathew, Thomas O'Neil, Grace Pitt, Thomas  
  Mathews, John Offley, Robert Place, Rowland  
  Mathews, Samuel Oldis, Thomas Pleasant, John  
  Matthews, Frances Greville Osborne, John Pocahontas/Matoake/Mrs. John Rolfe  
  Matthews, Samuel Osborne, Thomas Polentine, John  
  May, William Ouldsworth, ______ Pollington, John  
  Meade, John Ousley/Owsley, Thomas Poole, Henry  
  Meares, Thomas Pace, Isabella Smith Popkton, William  
  Meese, Henry Pace, Richard Porter, Joseph  
  Mellin, William Page, Francis Pory, John  
  Menefie, George Page, John Pott, Capt. Francis  
  Meredethe, John Page, Matthew Pott, Dr. John  
  Meriwether, Nicholas Pagett, Antony Pountis, John  
  Michell, William Paine, Florentine Powel, James  
  Middleton, David Palmer, Thomas Powel, John  
  Mihill, Edward Parke, Daniel Powell, Capt. Nathaniel  
  Mills, Henry Parke, Daniel II Poythres, Francis  
  Milner, Francis Parker, William Prescott, Edward  
  Milner, Thomas Parry, William Presley, Peter  
  Minge, James Passmore, Thomas Presley, William  
  Mole, Samuel Pate, John Price, Arthur  
  Montague, Peter Pate, Richard Price, John  
  Moone, John Pate, Thomas Price, Walter  
  More, Sir George Paule, Thomas Prince, Edward  
  More, John Paulett, Robert Pritchard, Thomas  
  Morgan, Francis Paulett, Thomas Pryor, William  
  Morley, William Pawlett, Thomas Purefoy, Thomas  
  Morris, George Payne, Flo. Pyland, James  
  Morrison, Richard Peirce, Capt. William Rabley, Thomas  
  Moryson, Francis Peirce, William Radish, John  
  Moseley, Arthur Peirsey, Abraham    
  Moseley, William      
  Mottrom, John      

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