Qualifying Ancestors

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  Hayney, Richard Hull, Peter Lambert, Thomas  
  Hayrick, THomas Hunt, Thomas Lane, ______  
  Hayward/Heyward/Howard, John Husbande, Richard Langhorne, John  
  Hayward, Samuel Hutchinson, Robert Langley, Ralph  
  Heale, George Hutchyson, William Lapworth, Michael  
  Iversonn, Abraham Lawne, Christopher  
  Heyrick, Thomas Jackson, John Lawrence, Richard  
  Heyricke, Henry James, Richard Lawson, Anthony  
  Hicks, Robert Jaquelin, Edward Lear, John  
  Higginson, Humphrey Jarvis, Thomas Lear, Thomas  
  Hill, Edward Jefferson, John Lee, (Hugh)  
  Hill, Edward II Jeffreys, Herbert Lee, Hancock  
  Hill, Edward Jr Jenifer, Daniel Lee, Henry  
  Hill, Edward Sr Jenings, Edmund Lee, John  
  Hill, Edward I Jenings, Peter Lee, Richard  
  Hill, John Jenkins, Henry Lee, Richard II  
  Hill, Nicholas Johns, Robert Leech, _______  
  Hill, Richard Johnson, Jacob Leigh, Francis  
  Hill, Thomas Johnson, John Leigh, William  
  Hinton, Thomas Sr Johnson, John Jr Lewis, William  
  Hobbes, Francis Johnson, Joseph Lidford, Rev. Matthew  
  Hobson, John Johnson, Richard Liewellin, Daniel  
  Hockaday, William Johnson, Thomas Lightfoot, John  
  Hoddin, John Jones, Anthony Ligon, Thomas  
  Hodges, Thomas Jones, Rowland Littlepage, Richard  
  Hoe/Hooe, Rice Jones, William Littleton, Nathaniel  
  Holden, John Jordan, George Littleton, Southey  
  Holder, Richard Jordan, John Lloyd, Cornelius  
  Holiday, Anthony Jordan, Samuel Lloyd, Edward  
  Holland, Gabriel Jordan, Sisley Lloyd, Thomas  
  Holland, John Jordan, Thomas Lloyd, William  
  Holliday, Anthony Jordayne, Thomas Lobb, George  
  Holmewood, John Jorden, George Loveinge, Thomas  
  Holt, Randall Jorden, Thomas Lovelace, Sir William I  
  Holt, Robert Kearney, Barnaby Lovelace, Sir William II  
  Holt, Thomas Keeton, John Loyd, Cornelius  
  Hone, Theophilus Kemp, Matthew Lucar, Thomas  
  Hooke, Francis Kemp, Richard Luddington, William  
  Hooker, William Kempe, William Ludlow, George  
  Hopkins, Stephen Kendall, George Ludlowe, George  
  Horsey, Stephen Kendall, William Ludwell, Philip  
  Horsmanden, Warham Kenner, Richard Ludwell, Philip Jr  
  Hoskins, Bartholomew Kenner, Rodham Ludwell, Thomas  
  Horton, Thomas Kennon, Richard Luellin, Daniel  
  Horwood, William Key, Thomas Lunsford, Sir Thomas  
  Hoskins, Anthony Kingsmill, Richard Lyddall, John  
  Hough, Francis Kingston, Thomas Lyggon, Thomas  
  Howe, John Kirkman, Francis Lytefoote, John  
  Hubbard, Robert Knight, _______ Macock/Maycocke, Samuel  
  Huberd, Robert Knight, Peter Macon, Gideon  
  Huft, Nathaniel Knott, James    
    Knowles, John    

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