Qualifying Ancestors

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  Abbot, Samuel Barkham, Sir Edward Bland, Richard  
  Abrahall, Richard Barnard, Thomas Bland, Theodrick  
  Abrell, Robert Barne, Sir William Blaney, Edward  
  Adams, Thomas Barnes, Lancelott Blaney, Mary  
  Addams, Robert Barnett, Thomas Blewitt, _______  
  Allen, Arthur Barrett, William Bohun, Lawrence, MD  
  Allen, William Barrington, Robert Boise/Boys/Boyce, Cheney/Chene  
  Allerton, Willoughby Bartley, Edward Boisseau, Rev. James  
  Allerton/Alerton, Isaac Bassett, William Bolling, Robert  
  Allomby, Thomas Bates, John Bond, John  
  Alsop, James Battaile, John Booth, Dr. Robert  
  Anderson, John Batt(e), Henry Borne, Robert  
  Anderson, William Batt, Michael Boucher, Daniel  
  Andrews, Joakin Batt, William Bowler, Thomas  
  Andrews, William Batte, Henry Boys, John  
  Andros, Sir Edmund Batte, William Boys, Luke  
  Appleton, John Baugh, John Bracewell/Braswell, Robert  
  Applewhaite, Henry Baughan, James Bradwell, John  
  Archer, Gabriel Bayley, Richard Branch, Christopher  
  Argall, Sir Samuel Baylor, John Branch, John  
  Armistead, Anthony Bayly, Arthur Brassier, James  
  Armistead, John Bayly, John Brassieur, John  
  Armistead, William Jr Bayly, Mary Bray, James  
  Arunell, John Baynham, Alexander Bray, Robert  
  Ashton, Peter Beale, Thomas Breman, Thomas  
  Aston, Walter Beazley, Job Brent, George  
  Atkins, John Beheathland, Robert Brereton, Thomas  
  Awborne, Richard Benn, James Brewer, John  
  Awbrey, Henry Bennett, Alice Brewster, Richard  
  Bacon, Nathaniel Jr Bennett, Edward Bridger, Joseph  
  Bacon, Nathaniel Sr Bennett, Philip Bristow, Robert  
  Bagnall, James Bennett, Richard Broadhurst, Walter  
  Bagwell, Henry Bennett, Samuel Broadnax, William  
  Bagwell, Thomas Bennett, Thomas Brooks, Richard  
  Baker, Henry Bentley, William Brown, William  
  Baker, Lawrence Berkeley, John Browne, Devereaux  
  Baldridge, Thomas Berkeley, Sir William Browne, Henry  
  Baldry, Robert Bernard, Thomas Brown, John  
  Baldwin, John Bertrand, Rev. Jean Browne, John  
  Baley, Temperance Bernard, William Browne, Sir William  
  Ball, Henry Beverley, Robert Browne, William  
  Ball, Joseph Beverley, Peter Browning, John  
  Ball, William Bibby, William Buckmaster, John  
  Ballard, Thomas Bickley, Sir Francis Buckner, John  
  Ballard, Thomas Jr Biggs, Richard Buckner, Thomas  
  Balthropp, Christopher Bishop, John Buckner, William  
  Banister, William Biss, James Bullock, Hugh  
  Barbar, William Blackey, William Burditt, William  
  Barber, Francis Blair, James Burges, Thomas  
  Barber, John Blake, John Burland, John  
  Barber. Thomas Bland, John Burnham, John  
  Barham, Anthony Bland, Peregrine    
  Barker, William      

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