Seventeenth Century Ancestors

  Arranged alphabetically by name  
  Abbot - Burnham Edloe - Haynes Ramsey - Thorpe  
  Burnham - Dunston Hayney - Macon Thruston -  Zouch  
    Madison - Radish    

Listing from Appendix III, Seventeenth Century Ancestors and Jamestowne Society Members Who Are Their Descendants, pages 284 to 346, "The Jamestowne Society Roster of Members, May 2007 Quadricentennial Edition," available through the Jamestowne Society Shoppe.  To apply, see the Membership Application Process Page

PLEASE NOTE: The Jamestowne Society does not provide genealogical research for individuals. If you are interested in adding a Jamestowne-era ancestor to the Qualifying Ancestors Index, you must prove that they had appropriate service as defined by this Society, and your lineage, as part of the Membership Application Process. Inquiries to the Society Headquarters and to the Webmaster will be answered with the aforementioned response.


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