Fall 2007 Membership Meeting  
  The Commonwealth Club, Richmond, Virginia  

On Saturday, November 10, 2007, members of the Jamestowne Society gathered at the Commonwealth Club, 401 West Franklin Street, Richmond, for the Fall Meeting. Council met at 9 AM, followed by a Reception between 11:30 and 12:30, and Luncheon at 12:30 PM in the Ballroom. The Commonwealth Club is the usual venue for the Fall Meeting. The Governor of the Jamestowne Society, W. Harrison Schroeder, Esq., welcomed Chief William P. Miles of the Pamunkey Indian Tribe, as speaker. Chief Miles addressed the history of the Pamunkey Indians, who proudly count among their members Pocahontas, who as wife of John Rolfe, is an ancestor of some members of the Jamestowne Society. The Pamunkey tribe has its own museum dedicated to their culture and history, and the reservation is located in King William County, Virginia.


Governor Schroeder announced that Kelly Carson Johnson, Executive Director for the Society, who had earlier indicated her decision to leave the position, will be leaving in late November, 2007.  A round of applause from the members present indicated the appreciation of the group for the hard work done by Kelly over the years, especially the coordination and implementation of the massive May 2007 400th anniversary celebration last spring. Only those close to the planning process understand the many hours of involvement that required, as the event unfolded seamlessly. Shown at right are Kelly and her husband, Jeff, who donated hours of assisting in the preparations for the big weekend last May.

The duties of Executive Director will be assumed by Faye Chewning Weems who will begin her new assignment on November 26, 2007. The Society extends good wishes to Kelly Carson Johnson for a happy and rewarding future, and a welcome to Faye Chewning Weems as the new Executive Director.



A slate of new officers and Council members was presented to the membership, who elected them by acclamation. The new officers and Council members' names and responsibilities will be added to both this page, and to the Officers and Members page on this site. Shown below is the group being sworn in at the meeting.
  Enjoy snapshots taken before and after the meeting below (note: lighting in the room was greatly dimmed).  

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